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We are a team of highly qualified engineers, technicians and consultants who have been trained to deliver the best service, every time.

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We make IT simple

We are a strategic IT partner delivering top-level IT support and strategic recommendations that evolve and adapt to your changing business environment.

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Building partnerships

We value our clients as partnerships which build reliability, trust, and friendships through honesty and integrity to ensure healthy long-term alliances.

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IT Managed Services

Secure, reliable managed services that free up senior IT resources so they can focus on strategic business activities

IT Infrastructure

We design, supply and support large infrastructure projects in partnership with leading industry vendors

Software Development

End-to-end development of standard and bespoke software as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

Latest Projects

Having worked with enterprises of all sizes over the last ten years, we can safely say that the biggest challenge with technology deployments is ensuring they fit with strategic goals.
We have the IT expertise and business insights to see all perspectives of the big picture, and how they fit together.

From receiving and acceptance to put-away and shipping: having a clear view of your warehouse management processes is important to operate an efficient and reliable operation.

Providing digital registration and fast check-ins helps you build a professional, tech-savvy reputation and makes sure you have an extensive record of who enters your premises.

Cost-effective infrared sensors that count and classify each products to make sure the inventory and distributions numbers match and to provide business intelligence reporting on productivity.

Organizations are always looking for ways to increase profits, reduce operational costs and improve asset utilization so they can remain competitive in fast-moving industries. Having a clear view of the entire asset lifecycle is essential to maintain full control of this key business function.

Off-the-grid tank sensors that transmit live data to a digital dashboard to assist with the detection, monitoring and remediation of problems.



Years of Experience

Founded in 2009, Cybernaptics has spent a decade refining its skills and competencies to deliver IT solutions that get the job done.

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We do more

Our Help Desk is available by email or phone which allow our clients to have access to immediate IT support.

Our expert team is also specialized in cabling, IoT implementation, PABX installation, Alarms and CCTV and access point.

After celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2019, Cybernaptics was pleased to announce the creation of Cybernaptics Africa with a presence in South Africa and Kenya.

Cyberskills is an IT training institution providing technology-related training, IT certifications and on-demand training to individuals and companies.