IT infrastructure

Cybernaptics offers a full range of IT infrastructure management services that can move your business forward on its digital journey. We make sure we provide you with the latest and best technology across a wide range of PCs, servers, notebooks, storage devices, printers, RAM and so much more.

Your one-stop infrastructure support provider

Our expertise stretches across a range of industries which means we understand the intricacies and challenges contained within each one. We provide cloud communication and hosting services through our data centres in Germany and, thanks to our proximity to the ports area, our partnerships with Zebra have led us to work with many companies in the region.

Key advantages:
  • We coordinate maintenance and installations
  • We do follow up with vendors in case of hardware/software problems
  • We track inventory of any items sent for repairs
  • We prepare service level agreements, monitor parameters and perform complaint escalations

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What we do to take the hassle out

PC, laptops and printers

Servers, networking equipment and PABX

CCTV, Access control and Cabling

IOT installation and implementation

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